• Andie Daniell


Have you ever gazed into the stars at night and been blown away by how many you can see? Perhaps not if you live in the city. However, try to imagine being on a mountain on a dark, clear night. The more you stare at the stars the more you see. At this point, you feel confident that if you stared all night, you’d notice a new star every minute! And this is just with our human eyes! Imagine if you had a telescope. You could see even more stars. However, as far as my knowledge goes, man has not yet invented a telescope that can see to the ends of the universe.

Now imagine someone told you that you could only run west. You had to keep running west until you hit east. You would probably laugh and call that person an idiot because if you always ran west you would never hit east because west is an eternal direction.

If your mildly versed in the psalms, you probably know where I am going with this. But before you exit out of this blog…I want you to REALLY consider how well you understand God’s love. Is John 3:16, Psalm 103, and the parable of the lost sheep something you recite on autopilot? Has it become mere head knowledge but has no resonance in your heart? If not, good for you. If yes, then you and I have something in common.

You see, God’s love is something I have always struggled with understanding. I guess this is because I try to fit God into my own image to make him easier to comprehend. Surely when I mess up, God loves me less. Maybe if I do this, he will love me more. However, this being said, I thought I had come to comprehend his love a lot better over the years. His Father-like love was actually at the forefront of my mind during this painting and when I sat down to type about it, I was confident that I would be able to relate the “great love God has for his children.”

Haha…I was definitely very pompous in thinking this. Three single-spaced pages later, I realized that there were so many layers to God’s love. He loves us as a Father, He loves us unconditionally, and he loves us unfathomably. The last part is why I got so stumped. I cannot wrap my mind around his love for me. In fact, if I cannot even fathom the depth of his creation or calculate the distance of his measurements, how do I honestly expect to fully grasp his love? Much less write it down in a five-minute blog!

This realization both humbled me and blew my mind. However, the reality of it was this: God’s love is unfathomable. I could go on and on about stars and east and west but if you really want your mind blown just look at the cross. Don’t just think about it or recite it in that monotone voice. Actually consider it. Consider how that was supposed to be you and that he died for you even when you cursed him, spat at him, and denied him as God. There was absolutely nothing you did to deserve this act of sacrifice, love, and forgiveness. But he did it because of his great love for you. We may never understand exactly why his love is so great….a source of both frustration and joy if you're like me. However, we can boast about it and rejoice at its immense incomprehensibility.

So, does this painting articulate the depths of God’s love? No.

Does this painting even give us a mere glimpse of the unconditional, Fatherly love he has for us? No. It’s just two horses cuddling.

However, through this painting, God humbled me at the vastness of his love and how I can never fathom it or comprehend it! I realized that my job is not to fully comprehend the eternal God. My job is to abide in his love, to love him always, and to love others. So that is why I titled this painting “Love?” I changed this title probably about three times before settling on it. The question mark is not there to question God’s love for us but is instead, there to remind us that we cannot comprehend how great his love is.

So rejoice in this if you are not already. If you do not get it, ask him to reveal his love to you! Just like he did with me, he will reveal it to you in a way that is personal and will probably blow your mind. Once, he does, walk in it daily and rejoice in its depth and vastness.