• Andie Daniell

The Path

“Faith is confidence in what we hope for and assurance of what we do not see.”

A few months ago, I had a lot of decisions placed before me. I was so overwhelmed and did not know which decision was the right choice. All I knew was that I needed to decide. I spent days in a petrified state as I pondered the options that lay before me. I felt overwhelmed like I was in a valley surrounded by tall mountains with many paths and forks in the road. I was confused, anxious, and afraid.

My prayers looked somewhat like this: “God which path? What if I take that one and it’s a mistake? Where will that path lead me? Just show me what is down that path and what is over the mountain. Just give me a clear direction of where you want me to go.”

His response…”You choose.”

Me: “Wait, what? No, just tell me and I’ll go! Give me a sign, a passion, something.

Him: “You choose.”

Honestly this was not the response I was looking for. I wanted God to give me a clear conviction or sign that one path was better then the other. But instead, His voice was telling me: “Andie, none of these paths are wrong as long as you are doing it for my kingdom and glory. I can grow you, use you, love you, and mature you on all. You choose.

This was scary for me. As a graduated student-athlete, I had spent practically my last four years on a schedule where the path was laid out and pretty straight forward. Now, I had to choose?

So I prayed, chose, and walked.

And you know what, it has been a heck of a journey. Plot twist, I still fill like I’m in a valley. I cannot see down the path and I still cannot see over the mountains that surround me. However, now I realize that I do not have to see over the mountain in order to have confidence in the path I choose to walk because I already know what lays beyond them. What lies beyond these mountains is an eternal kingdom where my God reigns. Where I get to rejoice in his presence daily and reign with him eternally.

As far as the paths to take such as jobs, relationships, careers, etc. I’ve come to find that I do not need to stress and fear about these decisions as long as I am on “The Path” which is the straight and narrow that promises salvation by grace through faith in his love and sacrifice (Mathew 7:13-14). As far as these little paths of life are concerned, what really matters is how I am walking, listening, and obeying God. Am I living for his kingdom daily, loving him with all my heart, and loving others? If I am, the path I walk will be worth the journey, joys, and hardship. And, if I decide it is time to change paths, he will guide me and will not let me fall.

So, if you are a Christian and are struggling with a decision of which path to take, first pray and ask. God may give you a clear and direct answer or he may say, “you choose.” If it is the former, immediately obey and walk. If it is the latter, rest assured that He has got you no matter what and you do not need all the answers and facts to obey and serve his kingdom. Just start walking, listening, and obeying. If you need to change paths, you will be ok. Either way, whether it is the former or the latter, know that you can have faith that his promises are good and what is over the mountain is awesome. (1 John 5:11)

If you are not a follower of Christ and you are overwhelmed with paths. I would recommend getting focusing on “The Path” first which is the path that leads to Christ. This one is narrow. It is not very comfortable. It will take you swallowing your pride and confessing that you are incredibly flawed and that Christ is the only way you can be saved from utter ruin and desolation. Like I said, it is not a comfortable path. He loves you too much to leave you how you are. So, if you enter this path, there is no turning back and he will change you. However, you will want to change. You will be blown away by Him on so many levels and you can rest assured that his promises are eternal. His gifts, love, and promises never fail. He will love you with a love that is so infinite, so passionate and so jealous that you will be humbled. He will be your redeemer, comforter, teacher, Father, friend. He will never leave you or abandon you.

This path is a radical one but I wouldn’t trade it for any path in the world. If you take this path you will find that you still have many paths/choices to make. However, you will no longer walk alone, no longer have to be afraid, and will know with confidence that what is waiting for you over the mountains is an eternal inheritance with Him.