• Andie Daniell


I don’t know about ya’ll but this year has thrown me for a loop. For the first time in my life, I have to fully admit to myself that I cannot predict the future and that I basically have control over nothing. I look at my calendar and laugh at all the tournaments, trips, and events I planned to go to but couldn’t because of something that I cannot even see (aka COVID). Unfortunately, all these uncertainties and disruptions in my schedule caused me to start having a “what if” mindset: “what if I don’t have a job, “what if I get COVID and give it to someone else,” “what if I have to cancel this trip,” “what if I can’t go to that friend’s wedding,” “what if this is the end of the world?” (yes, yes…I know a bit dramatic)…but surely I am not the only one who has been suckered into the “what if” worry culture.

When discussing my worries and concerns with one of my friends, I asked him what his view was and how he was going about handling it and he said that, “Everyday I wake up and ask ‘what can I do for the kingdom of God today?’” He says that if he has this mindset, no matter what happens he will be okay.

This is when I realized that the reason I worry so much is because I was putting my trust and attention in things that are finite and can be taken away. My focus was on my own plans, dreams, and comfort. Not on God’s will and kingdom. When I look to my job, relationships, food, money, travel plans etc. to provide me with joy, comfort, and purpose, I have much to worry about because these things change and fluctuate throughout life. However, when I seek God, His kingdom, and His plan, I can have confidence in the fact that I can serve His plan and remain secure in His love no matter where I am or how much I have in life.

If there is one thing I have learned during this year, it is that, unlike the desires of this world, God does not change. His love is steadfast, his plans are good, and his promises are eternal. I do not have to guess and wonder what the end result is with God. His plans are never disrupted. He does not change or back out of his word or stop loving me even when I screw up. Therefore, there is nothing to fear or worry about with him. If he did not even withhold sacrificing himself so I could have an eternal relationship with him, how could I think that he would withhold the things I need in life? Yes, maybe I do not get a vacation, or a big time job, or the salary I think I should earn, but getting to be in his presence every day and serve his kingdom far outweighs anything this changing finite world has to offer.

So if you find yourself in a senseless cycle of “what ifs’ and worry, please take time to evaluate what your focus and trust is in. Is it in the things of this world that fluctuate day to day? Or is it in God’s kingdom and his plan? If it is in the latter, you do not have to worry because God’s love, plan, and promises are secure. His love for you is steadfast, His plan for you is to know him deeply, and His promise is that you will be a co-heir with Him in an eternal kingdom of all nations and tribes. So just seek him and his plans first and he will provide what you need to walk according to his will, love, and purpose.